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The association was established in 1984. In response to Sikh genocide committed in India around this time, Sikh healthcare professionals throughout the UK collaborated to raise humanitarian funds for victims and their families affected by the atrocities.

In keeping with Sikh principle of equality, recognising all human beings as equal, the organisation has dedicated its efforts to educating local communities on health matters and raising funds for worthwhile humanitarian causes around the globe, regardless of recipients? caste, creed, gender, colour or religion.

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Against the backdrop of the atrocities occurring in the Punjab and the rest of India, 80 to 100 Sikh doctor?s families from ?all over the UK? met at the Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Huddersfield. Here formed the ?Sikh Doctors Association? ? a union of both medical and dental professionals brought together in the name of charity and goodwill.
It was deemed a suitable response to the violent crimes being executed against the Sikh population of India. The Sikh consciousness had been crippled after the attack on the Golden Temple and Akal Takhat Sahib. In Punjab, Sikhs were going through a crisis of unimaginable magnitude and thousands lost their lives during the revenge attacks in Delhi and other cities after Mrs. Gandhi?s murder. India was engulfed in a ?darkness? and the official reports brought shock and horror to Sikhs all over the world.
We recognised our responsibility and duty as professionals, and together we would help the nation whichever way we could. It was decided that we would help those who needed us the most.
Subsequently, at the following meeting in Barking, London on 26th January 1985, funds were raised to help the stricken families in India and Punjab after consultation with SPGC in Amritsar. Dr Mulhi (Treasurer) visited Punjab to obtain first-hand information about the condition of Punjab and the problems facing Sikhs. The spirit of Bhai Kanhaiya Ji was kindled among the association members to do Seva and offer selfless service to those in need. Hence, the Association?s aims were formulated with its foundation deeply set within the charity arena. The association was granted its charity status in by the charity commission and it set about assisting those in need of our help, both abroad and closer to home.
Over the years whenever human tragedy struck in any part of World, the SDA sent financial aid to affected people irrespective of their colour, caste or religion. We used media, like TV and radio to promote the association?s aims and raised awareness of the problems being faced by the world?s poverty stricken communities.
The association has developed from its humble beginnings to a society promoting Sikh awareness, assisting members socially, financially and with their careers as well as helping the wider community.
In the past we have taken initiatives to help improve the health of our community. We have carried out medical camps to include health checks and advice to promote health awareness and prevention of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, ischaemic heart disease and women?s health issues.
It never set out to be a political organisation, dictating the pace of the Sikh movement to gain political advantage. Simply, to reflect the mood of its members and to facilitate the Sikh ethos of ?Vand ke chhako?.

our committee

  • Dr. Parmindar Kaur Sahni
    Dr. Parmindar Kaur Sahni Secretary
  • Dr. Harjeet Singh Bindra
    Dr. Harjeet Singh Bindra Vice President
  • Dr. Sukhpal Singh Gill
    Dr. Sukhpal Singh Gill President
  • Dr. Amarjit Singh Johal
    Dr. Amarjit Singh Johal Treasurer
  • Dr. Jastinderpal Singh
    Dr. Jastinderpal Singh Executive Member
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