Healthy Langar Cooking Programme

Sikh doctors association members promote a fantastic initiative to encourage?healthy cooking of Langar in Gurdwaras in liaison with British Heart Foundation and Sky Akaal Channel. The promo for this worthwhile event was aired on the channel and youtube and helped to draw?a good number of Gurdwara Langar leads based in Midlands to the event.

In liaison with British Heart Foundation, Dr. Dilsher Singh, a Midlands based General Practitioner, delivered a seminar?on the?importance?of improving the nutritional value of food served in?places of worship to?tackle and ever increasing the burden of cardiovascular?diseases?among members of?Sikh communities regularly eating from?the free kitchen.?Public Health England?also gave an outline of?their strategy to work with?communities locally to reduce disease burden and Obesity, which is one of their key priorities. Attendees, who comprised committee members and Langar leads from Gurdwaras around Midlands received an informative lecture by a dietician?and the whole programme will be telecast on Akaal Channel in the next few weeks.

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